Remote Programming

Maybe you lost the remote that opens your garage, don't worry we won't tell.  We will supply a new one fit for your opener.  We can also program your car to open your garage.

New Garage Door Install

It is finally time to install a brand new door.  We provide all new parts: door panels, track, torsion system, drums, and springs. Your remodeled garage becomes the talk of the neighborhood overnight.

Weather Seal

If the bottom of your door is not covered in a rubber seal it could allow rain water or even small animals and bugs to get in!  This can also help to light and sound proof the man cave.

Additional Services

Call us for any problem you have.  We offer FREE estimates and are very happy to help answer any questions or come out and take a look no matter what problem you may be having.

Our Services

Christian Garage Door Repair

If you do not have experience working on garage doors or garage parts, we strongly suggest calling a professional.  Some repairs have the potential for being extremely dangerous possibly causing injury.

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Door Trim

Prevent water and light from escaping into your garage with a beautiful trim that goes around the edges.  Multiple colors to choose from to match the paint of your house.

Track / Roller Problems

If your door is having issues opening it could be due to a bend in the track or failing rollers.  A big company might charge ridicuous fees for what should be an easy fix which we do for cheap!

Broken Garage Door Spring

Your spring just snapped with a sound like a gun shot.  We immediately come out and replace your old spring with one or two brand new ones so your door can finally open again!

Cable Off

A cable snapping is both dangerous and inconvenient, making your door lopsided and unable to open.  We replace both cables and rebalance your door so that you can find balance in life.

Garage Door Opener Install

You were about to leave for work this morning but a broken opener prevented that from happening.  Make it open at the press of a button again with a new Liftmaster belt drive or chain drive opener.

Lube and Tune / Rollers

If your door is squeeking and waking up your entire family every morning then let us take a look at it.  We can easily make it more silent than ever before for very little cost.